On-site Fueling

Valley Oil Company provides on-site diesel fuel delivery services for heavy equipment, such as generators, boom lifts, reach forks, compressors, cranes, and bulk fuel storage tanks. We deliver ultra low sulfur red dye diesel, ultra low sulfur clear diesel, all blends of biodiesel, renewable diesel, and unleaded gasoline for tanks ranging in size from 2 to 20,000 gallons throughout our home state of California and the entire western region of the United States. We also provide on-site delivery of oil, lubricants, and grease products in bulk. Our delivery trucks range from pickup trucks with 350 gallons on board, to bobtails hauling 4,500 gallons of fuel, or even an 8,800-gallon truck and trailer load. We can accommodate any site, including underground parking garages, narrow roadways, and tight fitting locations. Each truck is equipped with over 100 feet of hose using cam-lock fittings that can fill any type of port. All Valley Oil trucks are DOT compliant with BIT and PMI inspections regularly. All our drivers are hazmat trained, drug/alcohol tested, and ready for on-site delivery.

For projects outside the state of California, Valley Oil Company works with strategic partners to provide on-site fueling across the western United States.

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